p1030665 p1030666 p1030667 p1030668 p1030669 p1030670 p1030671 p1030672 p1030673 p1030674 p1030675 p1030676 p1030677 p1030678 p1030679 p1030680 p1030681 p1030682 p1030683 p1030684 p1030685 p1030686 p1030687 p1030688 p1030689 p1030690 p1030691 p1030692 p1030694 p1030695 p1030696 p1030697 p1030698 p1030700 p1030701 p1030704 p1030705 p1030706 p1030707 p1030708 p1030709 p1030710 p1030711 p1030712 p1030713 p1030714 p1030715Year 6 had lots of fun visiting Techniquest on Wednesday 25th of January. The exhibits on the museum floor are all completely interactive. We enjoyed problem solving and learning how things worked. We attended a show all about the human body. Some of us were lucky enough to picked to help out with the activities.