Dear Parent/Carer

Swimming Terms 3 and 4 – Class 3H

Class 3H will be swimming weekly at Hutton Moor in Terms 3 and 4. The first of 10 sessions will be on Thursday 12th January 2017 and the last will be on Thursday 23rd March 2017.

Please note from Term 3, 3H will have the earlier swimming session at Hutton Moor and will return in time for the end of school (3:15pm).

For safety reasons, Hutton Moor have strict rules about swimwear. Boys are expected to wear swimming trunks not long swimming shorts and girls must wear one piece swimming suits not bikinis. Hair must also be tied back and no jewellery is permitted.

The Government have given all schools a grant to support Physical Education. We have decided that we will use some of this grant to provide swimming lessons for a longer period of time for Year 3 as we feel it is an important life skill. Therefore the voluntary contribution towards swimming only contributes to the cost of the coach. As the cost of transport has gone up we are asking for £3 per lesson (£30 for Terms 3 & 4). Please make your payments at

Yours sincerely
James Rees
Mr James Rees