AGES 3 - 4 Years

During their time in nursery children will learn about themselves, their families and other important people in their lives.

There will also be Stay and Play sessions, where parents can stay and play with their children for the first 20 minutes of each Thursday session – it provides a lovely opportunity for parents and children to play and explore the nursery together.


AGES 4 - 5 Years

Throughout the year Herons’ Moor Academy’s Reception class are busy taking part in lots of fun activities. Children quickly settle in to their daily routines in our reception class and it is not long before they feel at home at Herons’ Moor.

During their time in reception the children will learn about healthy food and different fruits and vegetables. Children will also be introduced to sounds in phonics and will be given sound books to take home and practise.

Year 1

AGES 5 - 6 Years

Students will learn all about plants and animals in our Nature Detectives topic during, getting the chance to learn more about the world around us.

Year one will also study family milestones, with the chance to take part in our Year One Wedding at Locking Castle.

Year 2

AGES 6 - 7 Years

In year two students will look at the work of famous artists, including Andy Warhol, and get chance to create their own work in a similar style.

Children also get chance to get messy during our WOW day and will learn about the differences and similarities between the UK and Brazil during our Nuts About Brazil topic.

Year 3

AGES 7 - 8 Years

Students will learn about forces and magnets during year three, which provides some great opportunities for practical work.

Children will get to explore different modes of transport during mark-making activities and learn about the Romans and how life was in Roman times. All Year 3 children will also have the chance to learn to play a musical instrument.

Year 4

AGES 8 - 9 Years

Students will learn about the landscape and regions of France during our Tour De France topic.

Children will also continue to improve their reading and numeracy skills – we ask parents to listen to their children read at least three times a week and ask questions to make sure they are understanding what they are reading.

Year 5

AGES 9 - 10 Years

In English students will learn about persuasive techniques and will write leaflets to attract people to holiday in Brazil. This will be followed with journalistic writing and adventure stories.

Students will learn about the amazon rainforest in our Amazing Amazon topic, which brings with it a visit to Bristol Zoo. At the end of the year students will learn about Hinduism in their RE lessons.

Year 6

AGES 10 - 11 Years

In science year six students will learn about electrical circuits and diagrams during our All the Fun of the Fair topic.

Students will also have a Design and Technology week, where they can design and make their own fairground rides – culminating in a science exhibition at the end of the year.