CHILDREN in Weston-super-Mare got the chance to experience life in Poland without even leaving the comfort of their school.

Pupils at Herons’ Moor Academy and Baytree School in Highlands Lane, Locking Castle, spent a week learning about Poland as part of the school’s International Week celebrations.

One of the school’s Year 5 teachers and its International Schools Co-ordinator, Posy Smetham, said: “Every afternoon the children went around to different classrooms to experience a variety of Polish activities.”

Children got to take part in flag-making, lace-making and they created maps, dressed up in traditional costumes, learnt local fairy-tales and tasted Polish food.

Posy said: “The children from both schools worked together and sang Polish songs. On Friday the children got the chance to dress up in the colour of the national flag and there was a celebration assembly where children got to show their work.”